Resident couple eating salad at Barclay House of Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina
Resident smiling at the camera at Barclay House of Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina
Resident visited by a younger family member at Barclay House of Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina
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Residents playing cards at Barclay House of Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina

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Read about Five Senior Blogs to Perk Up Your Day

Five Senior Blogs to Perk Up Your Day

There are an estimated 500 million blogs on the internet—and quite a lot of them aren’t worth your time. Plus, thank goodness, there are phases of life you’re made it through, and you aren’t looking back. Like surviving middle school or managing the terrible twos.

But amongst those millions of blogs there are some true gems for seniors. Here are a handful of our favorites.

Senior Planet

This blog’s tagline is “Aging with Attitude” and its goal is to “harness technology to change the way we age.” Every week, more than 50 free online classes are offered to anyone age 60 or older. Recent classes have included virtual museum tours, a creative writing seminar, a tutorial on using Spotify and more. You’ll also find interesting articles, like this Q and A with a 94-year-old practicing internist.

Sixty and Me

Want to know the best sundresses to wear? How about how to manage pandemic anxiety to avoid weight gain? Or learning to hike solo while staying safe on the trails? Sixty and Me takes on just about any topic you can think of, including health, finance, beauty, games and more. While there are so many stories that take a deep dive into issues from a senior perspective, we especially loved the article on beating loneliness by creating an extended family from scratch.

Time Goes By

Ronni Bennett started her blog in 2003 as a response to what she saw as the media’s dismissal of seniors. Her goal was to provide an optimistic and honest look at what it’s like to grow old. She now has terminal cancer and discusses it with her trademark candor. In her post, “Some Things I’m Finished with Forever,” she offers a humorous take on what you don’t have to worry about when you’re dying, including the possibility of dementia, major dental work and feeling guilty about not knowing the metric system.

AARP Bulletin

This blog offers all the latest news—and also offers insight on how it affects seniors in particular. A recent story, for example, discussed what impact the election will have on drug prices. AARP The Magazine, meanwhile, offers the same glossy feature stories, including celebrity profiles, found in the print version of the publication.

The Senior Nomads

Debbie and Michael Campbell sold most of their possessions in July of 2013 and set off to explore the world. Since then, they’ve visited more than 300 cities in 85 countries—and they’re not done yet. The pandemic had the couple “stuck” for a while in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Once travel restrictions are lifted, they see themselves travelling across Canada and then perhaps on to Europe. They plan to continue travelling as long as “we are learning every day, we are close to budget, we are in good health, we are having fun, and we are still in love.” So far so good.

At Barclay House, it’s our goal to help you make the most of every day. Our beautifully landscaped grounds are perfect for taking a stroll or sitting on the patio and reading a blog. Chef-prepared meals and personalized wellness programs make life even better. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!

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