Resident couple eating salad at Barclay House of Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina
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Resident visited by a younger family member at Barclay House of Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina
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Residents playing cards at Barclay House of Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina

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Residents' Advice to Younger Parents


Many times, as we get older, we reflect on things we wish we knew at a younger age. Our residents have seen many changes in the world and in parenting over the years. They have raised their own children and have watched as their grandchildren have been raised. They have seen both the joys and challenges of parenthood and have learned a thing or two along the way. Below is some advice that our residents have for younger parents:

1. Set A Good Example: Our residents stress the importance of leading by example. Children learn by observing the behavior of the adults around them. So, be mindful of what you say and do in front of your children.

2. Be Everything for Your Children: Be your children’s watcher, teacher, mother, protector, and everything else they need. Children rely on their parents for everything, and it’s important to be there for them in every way possible.

3. Patience is Key: If you don’t have patience, you’re in trouble. Children can be challenging at times, but it is important to be patient with them. Take your time and give your kids time to learn from you.

4. Spend Time with Your Children: Be consistent and spend time with your children. Do things that are fun with them. Our residents recommend doing things as a family, such as playing games, going on walks, and having meals together.

5. Develop Your Own Ideas: Try to develop your own ideas and read, read, read. Learning and developing new ideas is important not only for personal growth, but also for the growth of your family.

6. Teach Your Children History: Always ensure that your children understand the past, as it is crucial for building a better future. By learning about history, children can gain a better understanding of the present and develop critical thinking skills that will help them navigate complex issues in their lives.

7. Love Your Children Unconditionally: Children need to feel loved, supported, and accepted, even when they make mistakes or behave badly. By showing unconditional love, parents can help their children develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence, which can carry them through life’s challenges.

8. Limit Technology: Our residents recommend limiting technology use for young kids. Instead, they encourage them to be outside playing and exploring.

9. Turn Off Your TV: Turn off the TV to ensure you have enough quality time together. Turning off the TV allows families a chance to have conversations with one another and to share meals together.

10. Get Your Education: Our Residents recommend getting your education and to never stop learning. They say that learning is a lifelong process, and it is important to keep growing and developing.

11. Be Kind: Kindness goes a long way and can have a huge impact on your children’s lives.

12. Listen To Your Children: Children have a lot to say, and it’s important to listen to them and understand their perspectives.

Our residents have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to parenting. Their advice ranges from leading by example to being patient and spending time with your children. They remind us to love our children, limit technology use, and develop our own ideas. By following their advice, we can create healthy, happy, and loving families.

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